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Josh and I have wanted to go to a lavender farm for a while now, so when we discovered that there is one just a short drive from our home we planned a date to Terre Bleu. I was so excited leading up to going, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I was planning on posting this next week, but I just found out that this weekend is the final one for this season, so get up and get going to Terre Bleu this weekend! 

Terre Bleu entre

Dress: Anthropologie | Hat: Missguided | Sandals: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Ray-ban

lavender honey

When we first arrived, we stopped off at the big Terre Bleu sign at the front to snap some photos, then headed into the shop to check out what was available. There is something for everyone in there, as long as you like lavender. You can find lavender soaps, honey, macaroons, cheese, essential oils, and much more!

Terre bleu lavender macaroons

After perusing the shop, we headed into the first of two fields to explore. They do offer tours of the property, but we decided to tour around on our own. One of the first things we noticed about the fields was how abuzz they were with bees! Neither of us are really scared of insects, so we really found it fascinating, and comforting considering the recent decline of bee populations, to know that there were so many there working away and cross-pollinating all the lavender.

Terre bleu lavender bees

Terre bleu lavender farm in the field.jpg

Terre bleu lavender anthropologie dress 2

After walking through the first field for a while, and snapping tons of photos, we headed back to the distillery, then through the forest trail to the Yellow Bench fields. This seemed to be the more popular field, but I think that is mostly because of the big yellow door in the middle of the field – there is quite the lineup to snap a photo in front of it. Instead, we snapped a few photos of this adorable dress from Anthropologie over at the distillery. I am obsessed with this print, the stitching on the built-in camisole, and the lace detailing at the bottom!

Terre bleu lavender

Terre bleu lavender farm in the fields

Before you head out of Terre Bleu, be sure to stop for some lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream or, if you’re like me, get both! I picked the lemonade and Josh picked the ice cream, but I ended up stealing half of his because it is so dang good! I am not a big ice cream fan, but this was amazing!

Terre bleu lavenderice cream


If you have time this week, head up to Terre Bleu to check it out! This is the last weekend for their yoga in the fields classes – how relaxing would that be!? If you can’t make it this weekend, don’t fret, they are still open after this weekend. You can find out more about their fall and winter activities by visiting their website.

Terre bleu walking the fields  distance



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