Camo Jacket & Distressed Denim


Jacket: Justice (I’m wearing a 16/18) | T-shirt: J.Crew | Denim: Old Navy (size down, I bought a six but should have gone with the four)   | Booties: Sam Edelman | Purse: Juicy Couture (less expensive option available at Urban Outfitters) | Sunglasses: Prada




Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you are really excited about wearing, then when you walk in it your significant other looks at you like your crazy and comes out with some sassy comment about your choice? This jacket was that piece for me. Usually Josh is pretty good about encouraging me to try out new outfit ideas, and will give me really good constructive and thought out feedback on pieces when we are shopping. That didn’t happen this time. I spotted this jacket in the window of Justice, a juniors store, last week while I was out running errands on my own. I was stoked to find it because I have been keeping an eye out for a camo jacket and I thought this one was so dang cute! I popped into the store to find that they only had one left, and thankfully it fit.


I came out wearing this last week and Josh just looked up at me from the couch and asked if this was part of my Halloween costume, how rude!? Anyhow, I love it and that’s what matters. My favourite thing about it is the embroidery, especially the heart detail ,which I matched to this comfy pink t-shirt from J.Crew for a more feminine look. If you are in need of good quality t-shirts, J.Crew has the best ones. They are a bit more expensive, but the material and fit are so much nicer than the other less expensive t-shirts I’ve owned. Despite the teasing I know I will endure from Josh, you can be sure I will be wearing this jacket a lot this fall. What’s the piece that your S.O. just doesn’t get?





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