Valentine’s Day Nails

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Though I’m not one who likes to go out for Valentine’s Day, I do love dressing up for it! If you were to peak into my closet, you would see that there are a lot of white, pink, and red pieces in there. I love to wear bright pinks and reds, I feel like they are very flattering on blondes even if it’s just on your nails.

When I was younger, my mom would often do my nails for me for Valentine’s Day. She would either paint them pink for me, or she would paint little red or white hearts on my nails. This post started with the intention of showing you those cute heart nails, but I am not as skilled of an artist as my mother, who has an art degree and is quite a talented artist. After three tries at painting delicate little hearts, I got frustrated and moved on to these easy polka dot nails. These polka dots are much easier to achieve!

First thing you need to do is start with a white base. I used Blanc by Essie. I have tried a whole variety of brands, ranging in price, and Essie is my favourite! The quality is just so much better than the others I have tried.

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Once you have two coats of the white, you can start on the polka dots. Simply dab your colour of choice onto a nail art stick and dot that onto your nail. I bought wooden sticks from Joe Fresh (a pack of 12 is $4 – I can’t find them online, but you can pick them up at Shoppers or Superstore, or get 100 for less than $4 on Amazon) and just brushed the nail polish onto the tip of the stick. It helps if you can get a bit of a good amount of nail polish onto the stick so you get a good sized dot. I chose to alternate Mod Square with Double Breasted Jacket to have a mix of red and pink. It’s as simple as that! If you try this out be sure to tag me in your post @theemalexander.

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My Costco roses (bought two weeks ago) finally kicked the bucket this weekend, but I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye so we had some fun using them as props in upcoming blog and Instagram photos.




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