Pink Peplum

pink peplum sweater-6.jpg

Pink Peplum Sweater – less than $20!!| Old Navy Denim  | Blush Heels | Blue Purse | Cat-eye Sunglasses | Necklace | Earrings

I’m so obsessed with this adorable peplum sweater, so much so that I have worn it three times in the past two weeks. All I want to wear lately are pastel colours and floral prints. This blush tone is my favourite of all the pastels in my closet. You can expect to see much more of this adorable sweater, at least until it finally warms up here.

pink peplum sweater-27.jpg

pink peplum sweater-11.jpg

pink peplum sweater-2

pink peplum sweater-29.jpg

pink peplum sweater-5

pink peplum sweater-7.jpg

pink peplum sweater-10.jpg

pink peplum sweater-18.jpg

pink peplum sweater-24.jpg

pink peplum sweater-20


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