Easter Dresses

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Dress  (skirt & top version)| Heels (my wedding shoes) loving this pretty lace version| Sunglasses

This outfit is making me nostalgic. I wore this outfit for my bridal shower last may, and wore these shoes for most of my wedding day. I managed to make it until the real dancing started before I had to switch these hos pink pumps out for some more comfortable wedge sandals.

When I first spotted this dress a couple years back I was instantly in love – it also comes in a skirt and top option. I know florals for spring are nothing new, but I am totally obsessed lately. All I want to wear and buy are floral print or lace detail pieces. Have you noticed?

One of my favourite brands for beautiful floral dresses is Eliza J. Both my mom and I picked up Eliza J dresses, me for my shower, and my mom for the wedding. They have so many swoon worthy pieces and the quality is so good! Some of my latest favourites are:

Eliza J dress

12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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6 thoughts on “Easter Dresses”

  1. Love this outfit! What a perfect bridal shower outfit! I’m pretty obsessed with pink-bow-anything so those shoes are giving me googley-eyes! I wore a pair of mint Betsey Johnson heels for my wedding and I’m wearing them again this year for Easter. Like you, it’s make me quite nostalgic!!

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    1. Thanks Virginia,
      I love that you’re able to re-wear your shoes as well. It’s so nice to have that sentimental piece that you can use in your everyday life! I love that white lace dress you posted recently!

  2. This dress is absolutely DARLING! And I absolutely LOVE that you chose such a bold shoe for your wedding day. I’m new to your blog, and so glad I found you. I love that you’re wearing these special pieces beyond your wedding festivities so that you can continue to enjoy them. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lindsay,
      I stopped by your blog and love it! I really wanted some pink involved in my outfit for the day and when I spotted these I knew they were it. I don’t think I mentioned in the post that I would go to this high end shoe store on my lunch break at least once a week for five months and try them on, much to the distaste of the sales people (after the fourth week) and tell them I was still saving up and would be back one day to get them. They finally went on sale after those five long months and I was able to get the very last pair in all of North America. They were meant to be!

      Also, thank you for the other message! I am glad we have been able to connect 🙂 it is so nice to chat with other bloggers and get to share in our journeys.

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