Floral Obsession

forever 21 cardigan-7.jpg

Blush Cardigan | Floral Tie Blouse | Denim | Lace-up Sandals | Cross-body Purse | Cat Eye Sunglasses

You may have noticed that I am totally obsessed with floral prints lately. I love floral prints year round, but particularly in the spring. This sky blue floral spring top is so dang cute, especially paired with this cozy oversized cardigan. I have been wearing this outfit on repeat lately, with no plans to stop!

P.S. can you tell how dang warm I was in these photos! We had such a good time shooting out in the warm sun for once, then heading to a friends place for a BBQ. I think I actually got a sun burn from sitting out in the sun.

forever 21 cardigan-1forever 21 cardigan-11

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forever 21 cardigan-11.jpg

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