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Blouse | Denim | Pumps | Sunglasses | Purse | Necklace

I have to tell you a little background on this top. A couple years ago my best friend moved back to Canada after five years in the US. I was so thrilled to have her back home. When she asked me if I wanted to go apartment hunting with her I quickly said yes. We started that day with a trip to the Toronto Flower Market, toured a few apartment options, and checked out a number of different neighbourhoods. One of the first spots we stopped while touring neighbourhoods was Girl Friday in Queen West, where I spotted this top – but didn’t buy it. After touring around Toronto for many, many, hours, I dragged my friend back to the shop because I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’m so glad I went back for it because, two years later, I am still in love with this top.

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