Twist on a Classic

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Blouse | Denim | Lace-up Sandals | Purse | Earrings | Sunglasses

If you happen to see me after work or on the weekend, you can bet your money that I will either be wearing denim, mules or sneakers, and my Wifey tee or a classic white blouse. I love the comfort and simplicity of these outfits. I particularly love when I find a white blouse with a fun twist. Some of my favourites include this pineapple print lace blouseblouse with dots and ruffle neck detail, and this eyelet off-the-shoulder beauty. Though Josh may not understand why the heck I need yet another white blouse added to my collection, each of these pieces are something special to me. I love finding simple pieces with a bit of a twist. As Merritt Beck would say, they are “statement staples”, and I love them dearly! What are your favourite go-to pieces in your wardrobe!?

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  1. I love a twist on a great classic, Emelia. Your sandals, earrings and purse are all so gorgeous and perfect for Spring. =)

    Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday and linkup your gorgeous style with me. Thanks, Ada. =)

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