Big Ruffles

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Ruffle Blouse | Microsuede Mules | Dark Skinny Denim | Beige Saddle Bag | Pink Sunglasses | Two-Tone Watch

If you have jumped on the off-the-shoulder bandwagon, you will have likely run into an issue with your #OTS with your top. If you have a puzzled look on your face right now, let me explain. Often these tops are made with elastic in the shoulder to allow them to fit over your shoulders – a key component of the off-the-shoulder style. The only issue with this elastic is that every time you go to wave, lift something, hug someone, or really just move in general, your top snaps up off your shoulders and becomes a high neck crop top in an instant. Sound familiar?

If you are on the hunt for an off-the-shoulder top that you can actually move around and be comfortable in all day, and be able to hide your food baby after demolishing a Mile High Brownie at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, you need to get yourself one of these tops! You can also do like me and buy them in multiple colours! Did I mention, it’s less that $20!?

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