Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

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Pink Floral Dress | Heel Sandals | Straw Clutch | Earrings | Sunglasses

With summer weddings coming up I have been keeping an eye out for the perfect outfits. I always look forward to having a reason to get dressed up in something girly. One thing I have learned about outdoor summer weddings here is that the weather can often be very hot and humid, and dressing for both style and comfort is key. I like to look for something light and airy with lots of feminine details. Light and airy to stay comfortable, and feminine because I’m a sucker for feminine details. Though this dress is a bit lower cut than I am usually comfortable with, I’m quite certain it will be seeing a couple events this summer.

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If you’re in the market for a wedding guest dress for an outdoor wedding I would also recommend this sky blue lace dress I wore to my cousins late July wedding, this flowy maxi for garden wedding, this halter maxi I wore to a friend’s mid-summer wedding (it was 36 degrees celcius that day and I was so comfortable in this), this floral midi dress with scalloped detail, this stunning lilac lace dress or this ruffled dress that I am kind of obsessed with.

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