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Guys! I cannot believe that it’s been a year since we were married, how did it go by so quickly!? In honour of our first anniversary (which is on July 1st – I’m a day early) I am finally sharing some (a lot) of photos and details from our special day. There are so many wonderful people in our lives who all contributed to our wedding day in some special way, from Deanne my childhood friend, capturing this day, to our florist who has been a friend of both of our families since we were young doing our flowers, there were so many people in our lives who came together to make this day so wonderful. Thank you all!

The morning of  our wedding we woke up at my parents place, walked downstairs, and looked outside to see it pouring rain. Bummer. I sat down at the kitchen table and fought back the tears. We had a beautiful backup plan for rain, but it wasn’t the outdoor wedding vision I had in my head. My sweet mom quickly cheered me up and things quickly got better from there, though the rain didn’t quit. I met all my bridesmaids at Blo Dry Bar to get our hair and makeup done. The ladies there opened up the shop just for us since it was a holiday, those girls are so great! Throughout our time getting our hair and makeup done I was on the phone with my dad and the staff at the venue going back and fourth on whether to set up the backup plan or not. I kept insisting they get it ready, they kept insisting that the radar showed that the storm would pass in time for our ceremony. Throughout our time at the salon I made the best of it and soaked in my time with those fun girls. The best advice I have for brides is that the only thing you can control on your wedding day is your attitude. It might be pouring rain, your phone may be ringing off the hook, people might not like their dress or their hair, or whatever else could come up that day, but truly you can’t really do anything on the day of to change things so don’t stress about it. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and let the rest just roll off your back.

Once we were all done up we headed back to my parents place, rain still pouring. We all had tacos for lunch before getting dressed – because of course we had tacos! The rain parted for a bit while so we got into our robes and ran out for a champagne toast, then quickly ran back inside when the rain started up again. Once we all got into our dresses the rain parted again, so back out for photos we went. As we were out in my parents back yard the skies cleared completely and the sun came out. They were right.

Pulling up to the venue I was still surprisingly calm, and very happy of course. The staff at Piper’s Heath had golf carts waiting for us ladies to bring us down to the ceremony space, while the guys were waiting down there. It was so exciting to watch all my girlfriends going down the aisle, knowing I would be seeing Josh soon. As soon as I rounded the corner and saw Josh we had the biggest smiles on our faces, I managed to keep the tears down until reading my vows.

Josh really wanted to write our own vows, he said that he’s the good talker in the relationship and he was going to show me up with his vows (or something to that effect). Being as competitive as I am, I had to show him up and write some amazing vows. His were pretty great too.

We exited the ceremony to “The Best Thing” by Relient K and quickly started in on photos with our families and friends. One of the selling points of this venue is that they bring out food and drinks to you and your bridal party while taking photos. It was the best! After photos it was time to party! We had the most amazing time dancing the night away with our friends and family! Scroll down to see more details about our wedding day.

Dress: Maggie Sottero | Shoes: Valentino | Hair & Makeup: Blo Dry Bar | Earrings: Kate Spade | Bracelet & Broach: My grandmother & great-grandmothers | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy in Rose Quartz and Celedon |My robe: Plum Pretty Sugar | Bridesmaid’s robes: The Knot

Venue: Piper’s Heath | Photography: Deanne MacRae | Flowers: Roy’s Flowers | Cake: Dolled Up Cupcakes | DJ: DJ Charlie Clean

Josh’s (and the groomsmen) Suit & Shirt: Tip Top Tailors (he always goes to David in Erin Mills | Bow Tie: Brooks Brothers














This card box was my moms barbie case when she was a little girl, then it was used as the card box at my cousins wedding before being passed on to me. I loved having these little touches of family items on this special day.





The one thing Josh asked for at our wedding was this cake topper.Emelia&Josh-133


My very talented momma hand did all the signage and seating chart for our wedding!Emelia&Josh-157



When great-grandmother passed away I was passed down this necklace of hers, I held onto it for more than twenty years, saving it for this day. I also added my grandmothers blue broach in my hair so I had something old and blue from each side of my family.


My sweet dad build this photo-booth frame for us and a couple of my girlfriends were kind enough to come early and set it up for me. Thanks ladies!Emelia&Josh-170



I saved up for these shoes for months. When I worked in downtown Toronto I would pop into David’s shoes at Bloor and Bay at least once a week to make sure they were still there. By the time I had enough money saved up they had gone on sale and I snagged the only pair left in Canada. Talk about meant to be!



A friend of ours who couldn’t attend the wedding gave us this notebook to use to write to each other, we figured the best way to start it would be with our vows.Emelia&Josh-412


One of my favourite parts about the venue we picked is that they brought out a cart with food and drinks to us and the wedding party while we took photos. That little detail made the experience much nicer. Emelia&Josh-601




Since we married on Canada Day my parents decided to surprise everyone with fireworks. We called everyone out for one last photo before our photographer had to leave then cued the fireworks. It was the best surprise!Emelia&Josh-962

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