Fresh Floral

Floral dress-23.jpg

Floral Ruffle Dress | Nude Sandals | Cat-eye Sunglasses

Today I’m up bright and early to hop a flight west and go visit family and friends in BC. I am SO excited to see them, especially my second cousin who I have only spent about ten minutes with in his two years, I can’t wait to play with him and catch up with my cousin and friends! This trip I decided to challenge myself and only pack a carry on for the week. As someone who usually packs a full suitcase and a carry on (and often exceeds the weight limit) it has been a challenge to say the least. The essentials in my suitcase include a handful of light and airy floral dresses along with some cozy knits for throwing on top at night. Check back tomorrow to see the post on my packing tips and tricks for making just a carry on work for the week!

Floral dress-6.jpg

Floral dress-20.jpg

Floral dress-27.jpg

Floral dress-10.jpg

Floral dress-25.jpg

Floral dress-15

Floral dress-4.jpg

Floral dress-18.jpg


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