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I’ve landed in Vancouver and am settling in with my family here 🙂 This trip involves a lot of traveling between homes and hotels so I decided to really pair down and go with just a carry on, a big departure from my normal luggage. In trying to limit my luggage, I learned some good packing tips that I thought I would share with you. I hope you find some good tips and tricks in here :).

P.S. sorry for the low quality photos/photoshop, I ran out of time this week and did this on the fly.


Plan Ahead

Before I start packing I like to map out what we will be doing during our time away, will we be going to fancy restaurants where I will need a nicer dress and heels? will we be swimming, hiking, or doing other activities that require different attire? Once I have a general idea of what we will be doing on the trip I start to map out what I will need.

Make a List

Since I was young I have been a lover of list making, especially when it comes to travel. I think this obsession started when I was doing competitive dance and traveling many weekends of the year. I would always keep a full list of every piece and go through to check off and ensure I have everything I need. One of the main benefits of a list it ensuring that you don’t over pack. I find it SO easy to feel like I need to bring options for everything and as soon as I start looking at pieces in my closet I find myself wanting to bring each of them with me. Having a realistic list of what I will actually need throughout my travels keeps me from bringing everything but the kitchen sink.

Roll, don’t fold

This. is. key! I don’t know how I every got through traveling without knowing this trick! Rolling your clothes not only compresses them further giving you more space, but it also helps avoid wrinkles. On that note, if you have clothes that wrinkle easily you can try a couple different tricks: 1) have your clothes professionally cleaned prior to travel, keep the clothing folded with the tissue your cleaner uses for wrinkle free items upon arrival 2) Steam! If you can’t fit a steamer in your bag, no problem! Another handy trick I learned from my dance days is that you can easily steam clothes while you shower. Simply hang the pieces in the bathroom on non-metal hangers and have a hot shower, the steam in the room will help release the wrinkles. If this isn’t working well for you, toss a towel along the bottom of the door – also, ensure that you don’t have the fan on in the bathroom.

Limit shoes

I am half writing this as a reminder to myself. You’re shoes don’t need their own bag, Emelia! (insert monkey covering eyes emoji). I have often brought way too many shoes with me while traveling just to have them left in my luggage taking up space. Now, I have learned to pick a few neutral pairs of shoes such as one simple sneaker, a pair of classic flats, and some nude or black heeled sandals or wedges. If you stick to neutrals and simple styles you shoes will stretch a lot further and you will save a lot of space.

Colour coordinate

An easy way to stretch your travel wardrobe is to colour coordinate your outfits. As you can see in my above picture I chose to stick with pale pinks, blues, and greys, along with one black sweater that will pair well with the outfit I picked for the plane or be easily thrown on over a t-shirt and jeans. I picked these pieces specifically because they can easily pair together and create multiple outfits to take me through multiple situations.

Don’t waste space

Don’t waste the valuable space inside your shoes – rolling up your socks and underwear to put in your shoes will maintain their shape and save space too!

Use travel sized toiletries

An easy way to cut down on weight and space (and allow you to just bring a carry on) is to use travel sized toiletries. You can easily pick up these travel sized items at Walmart, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, or another local pharmacy. When away for a week I know I am only going to wash my hair twice so I just bring enough shampoo and conditioner for those two times, plus a mini bottle of dry shampoo. For mini makeup you can find great little kits at the Cosmetics Company or you can go get sample containers from Sephora to take with you.

I hope you guys find this helpful, and I am praying that I am able to get through the week with what I have. I am sure it will be fine, but it’s a weird departure for me to be traveling with so little!

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