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Having a good set of pearly whites is something I have always strived for. When I was in high school I would steal my moms whitening strips (it didn’t last long, I’m not very sneaky), or spend a half hour every day walking around my parents place with a mouth full of whitening toothpaste, thinking that would help. When I got braces my whitening obsession continued as I was terrified that I would let my teeth get stained and end up with little white squares on my teeth. I went through a lot of toothpaste. I got my braces off the week before prom and was a little surprised that I had ended up whitening my teeth so that they were lighter than when I got my braces on.

Between then and now, ten years have passed, I started drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. I’ve also stopped stealing my moms white strips – to be honest, I never really liked them. As the years have gone by my teeth yellowed and became something I wasn’t as proud of. I looked into getting my teeth professionally whitened at my dentist office but the price was just not in my budget.

With my blog growing and me getting tired of feeling disappointed about my smile whenever I looked at my photos, I started looking into options online; then Smile Brilliant reached out to see if I was interested in trying their at home teeth whitening service – I was thrilled. And learning that I could complete the entire whitening process at home was the cherry on top.

Smile Brilliant has found a way to cut out the visit to the dentist office, along with the cost,
making it very affordable at less than $200 from start to finish. Speaking of the process, it’s so easy!

The process began with me answering a few questions about my dental history and about a week later (it was this long because I am in Canada, it only takes a couple days if you are in the US) a box arrived with the whitening and desensitizing gels, along with the putty to make my molds. I quickly mixed up the putty, made my molds, and popped them in the mail with the envelope provided. A couple days later I received a notification from Smile Brilliant that my custom whitening trays were being made and a week later they arrived. I want to reiterate that these trays are customized to your teeth. That means if you have cooked teeth, or you’re like me and your eye teeth stick out a bit, your trays will be a perfect match to your smile.

Over the next few weeks I spent one to two hours whitening my teeth each day. It was so exciting to watch my teeth become whiter as the days went by. One of my favourite things about this system was how easy it was to go about my every day activities while whitening my teeth. The first couple days I was a little unsure about how comfortable I was with it, but three days in I went to the gym in my condo with the trays in. I also wore them while I was cleaning my house, cooking, while with friends (best friends, I still had a bit of a lisp), and mostly while working on the blog. I like to do my writing before I go to bed so it was really convenient for me to pop the trays in after dinner and keep them in while I worked.

Smile Brilliant included their desensitizing gel in my package since I had indicated that I occasionally experience tooth sensitivity, but I ended up not needing it. I truly love this product and am so happy with the results. If one of your New Years resolutions is to get whiter teeth I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant. Assuming my love of coffee and red wine doesn’t come to an end soon (which I highly doubt it will) I will definitely continue using
the Smile Brilliant system. If you’re considering it but aren’t 100% sure just yet here is a great
article that outlines seven things to know before buying a Smile Brilliant kit.

Should you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them! Simply leave your question in the comments and I will get back to you.

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  1. I have experienced horrible pain from the white strips on the market. Would you recommend for someone with that kind of sensitivity?

    1. I found the white strips to be painful as well, but didn’t find this to cause me much pain. I did have some pain in one spot along my gum one time when I put too much gel in the tray, but if you fill them the correct amount and/or put Vaseline along your gums you shouldn’t encounter any pain. The best way to start is with 45 minutes, then go up in time and you can always order the sensitive teeth package. Hope that helps!

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