Starting the New Year Bright

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-29.jpg

J.Crew Parka | Pink Hunter Boots | Levi’s Denim | Indigo Pom-pom Hat | Ted Baker Peplum Sweater

Happy New Year! I cannot believe how quickly 2017 flew by.  A year ago I was sitting here preparing to start a new career and say farewell to our foster dog, Morris. Today, I sit at home with Morris at my feet, a year at my new career under my belt, and another year of TheEmAlexander. I learned so much in 2017 and look forward to all that 2018 has to bring, including a bucket list trip I can hardly wait for! With my puppies, and hubby, in tow I am ready to get this year started!

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J.Crew Red Vail Parka-23.jpg

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J.Crew Red Vail Parka-6.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-11.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-31.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-27.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-34.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-16.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-37.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-21.jpg

J.Crew Red Vail Parka-20.jpg


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with loved ones and eating a couple too many cookies. This will be our first Christmas as a family together and I am so excited to have all these boys at home with me. A year ago we took these photos with my friend Allison because we thought it would be our final time with our foster dog, Morris. After months of back and fourth, and many tears along the way, we adopted him. I couldn’t be happier to have Josh off shift this Christmas and our two big fur babies to keep us company (and try to steal our bacon) this morning.

We wish you all the best and a very Merry Christmas!

Love, the Alexanders

Christmas Plaid

Plaid blouse-4

Plaid Ruffle Blouse (similar in-stock Plaid Blouse) | Blazer | Dark Skinny Denim | Quilted Hunter Boots | Ring | Lipstick

With less than one week until Christmas I have been pulling out all my favourite festive pieces to wear on rotation over the coming week. This plaid button down has been one of my favourites over the past couple Christmas’, I love how it easily adds a festive pop to any basic outfit.

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Plaid blouse-20.jpg

Plaid blouse-11.jpg

Plaid blouse-7.jpg

Plaid blouse-14.jpg

Plaid blouse-5.jpg


Plaid blouse-9.jpg

Plaid blouse-17.jpg

Plaid blouse-28

Plaid blouse-24.jpg

Easy At Home Teeth Whitening

Having a good set of pearly whites is something I have always strived for. When I was in high school I would steal my moms whitening strips (it didn’t last long, I’m not very sneaky), or spend a half hour every day walking around my parents place with a mouth full of whitening toothpaste, thinking that would help. When I got braces my whitening obsession continued as I was terrified that I would let my teeth get stained and end up with little white squares on my teeth. I went through a lot of toothpaste. I got my braces off the week before prom and was a little surprised that I had ended up whitening my teeth so that they were lighter than when I got my braces on.

Between then and now, ten years have passed, I started drinking coffee, tea, and red wine. I’ve also stopped stealing my moms white strips – to be honest, I never really liked them. As the years have gone by my teeth yellowed and became something I wasn’t as proud of. I looked into getting my teeth professionally whitened at my dentist office but the price was just not in my budget.

With my blog growing and me getting tired of feeling disappointed about my smile whenever I looked at my photos, I started looking into options online; then Smile Brilliant reached out to see if I was interested in trying their at home teeth whitening service – I was thrilled. And learning that I could complete the entire whitening process at home was the cherry on top.

Smile Brilliant has found a way to cut out the visit to the dentist office, along with the cost,
making it very affordable at less than $200 from start to finish. Speaking of the process, it’s so easy!

The process began with me answering a few questions about my dental history and about a week later (it was this long because I am in Canada, it only takes a couple days if you are in the US) a box arrived with the whitening and desensitizing gels, along with the putty to make my molds. I quickly mixed up the putty, made my molds, and popped them in the mail with the envelope provided. A couple days later I received a notification from Smile Brilliant that my custom whitening trays were being made and a week later they arrived. I want to reiterate that these trays are customized to your teeth. That means if you have cooked teeth, or you’re like me and your eye teeth stick out a bit, your trays will be a perfect match to your smile.

Over the next few weeks I spent one to two hours whitening my teeth each day. It was so exciting to watch my teeth become whiter as the days went by. One of my favourite things about this system was how easy it was to go about my every day activities while whitening my teeth. The first couple days I was a little unsure about how comfortable I was with it, but three days in I went to the gym in my condo with the trays in. I also wore them while I was cleaning my house, cooking, while with friends (best friends, I still had a bit of a lisp), and mostly while working on the blog. I like to do my writing before I go to bed so it was really convenient for me to pop the trays in after dinner and keep them in while I worked.

Smile Brilliant included their desensitizing gel in my package since I had indicated that I occasionally experience tooth sensitivity, but I ended up not needing it. I truly love this product and am so happy with the results. If one of your New Years resolutions is to get whiter teeth I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant. Assuming my love of coffee and red wine doesn’t come to an end soon (which I highly doubt it will) I will definitely continue using
the Smile Brilliant system. If you’re considering it but aren’t 100% sure just yet here is a great
article that outlines seven things to know before buying a Smile Brilliant kit.

Should you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them! Simply leave your question in the comments and I will get back to you.

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Simple Galm Date Night Outfit

Bell Sleeve Blouse | Black Tank (under) | Faux Fur Vest | Dark Skinny Denim | Floral Clutch | Bauble Earrings | Pom-pom Pumps | Berry Lipstick

How cute is this blouse and vest combo!? I am obsessed and can’t wait to wear it again. I love getting dressed up for date night, but with the cooler temps I am looking for pieces that are functional as well as fashionable, like these.

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Home for the Holidays

Girly Christmas Decor-35.jpg

Though Josh and I have been living together for a couple years this will be our first Christmas together in our condo, making this Christmas season extra exciting! In years past I spent Christmas morning with my family, waking up early, making waffles and having Baileys with our coffee while we unwrap our stockings. The Froom (my maiden name) family rule is that you have to spend the day in your pyjamas. I always look forward to those waffles and spending the day in my PJs playing board games and watching movies with my family. This year, I am so looking forward to waking up Christmas morning and starting our own traditions together – including mimosas and waffles of course.

When decorating our home I decided to go girly, which Josh was surprisingly okay with. It was so fun finding the perfect pieces to pull together my own Christmas style. I love getting to put my own twist on our home decor and get in the festive spirit with baking and many viewings of Elf.

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Girly Christmas Decor-34.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-21.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-12.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-1.jpg


Girly Christmas Decor-13.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-30.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-6.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-8.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-26.jpg

Girly Christmas Decor-36.jpg

Winter Wonderland

Red Parka | Skinny Denim | Stripped Turtleneck | Black Leather Booties | Plaid Scarf | Purse | White Knit Hat

I love this time of year when we have our first snow falls and everything feels so fresh and festive! With the holidays around the corner, there are lots of great sales this week including 40 – 50% off at J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. I’ve rounded up my favourite sale picks below!

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J.Crew Sale Picks:

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J.Crew Factory Sale Picks:

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The Coziest Cardigan

Best black Friday deals

Ruffle Cardigan | Dark Denim | White Tee | OTK Boots | Purse | Lipstick

Ladies! Attention please. I am not normally one for a hard sale, I like to think that we can all make our own purchasing decisions and who am I to tell you to buy something. If you like it, you’ll get it; if you don’t, you won’t. Today, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to tell you that YOU NEED THIS SWEATER! It is so incredibly cozy, it’s the perfect balance of warm and breathable and pairs well with so many pieces in my wardrobe. Could  you just imagine how comfortable you would be wearing this on a long flight, or with leggings for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with your family. Now that you’ve thought about it, go get yourself one!

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Best black Friday deals

Best Black Friday deals

Best black Friday deals

best black Friday deals

Best Black Friday deals

Best Black Friday Deals

^^ How this sweater makes me feel 🙂

Best Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday Deals

Best Black Friday Deals

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist.png

1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Honestly I am mostly posting this because my hubby has been asking me for a Christmas wishlist for the past couple weeks and I know this will be the easiest way to show him things I would like. I also know that some of you will be looking for gifts for a gal in your life and I like to think that these are some great ideas.

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  1. Cute workout pants – I love these two-toned cropped leggings, they would be great for both working out and for running errands after. I especially love that they’re high waist and ultra flattering even when you get overheated at Barre class and end up just wearing a sports bra – anyone else with me?
  2. An essential oil diffuser – I have had this on my wishlist for a while now. I love putting drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow before I go to sleep and when my neighbour brings hers over to our house it feels so calm and relaxing in our home. Not only are they good for relaxing and refreshing your home but some of the oils can also help with colds, which I need today 🙁
  3. Silk pillow case and eye mask – This is another one of those items that I have wanted for a while. I have some breakage along the crown of my head and have heard this will help with that. Fingers crossed!
  4. Gloves or Mittens – I lost a couple of pairs last year and could really use some new ones. Also, these ones are too dang cute!
  5. Hair Oil – Again, I have some breakage and find this hair oil really helps to smooth over damaged hair and any frizz.
  6. Cozy bow slippers – I hate wearing socks but love wearing slippers around the house. These adorable ones  would be perfect to replace the ones my puppies killed…
  7. CANDY! – If you haven’t tried the Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears yet, you need to! I am not usually much of a candy lover, chocolate and baked goods are usually my jam, but these are my absolutely favourite! Someone please put these in my stocking.
  8. Makeup Brushes – This set seems like a great value. I bought myself a pack like this about ten years ago and I still use it all the time. It was definitely a great purchase.
  9. Christmas Jammies – I LOVE getting a new pair of PJ’s at Christmas. I just think it’s so fun to have a new pair of jammies to wear on Christmas morning and these would be so dang cute!!
  10. Robe – Like the PJ’s I love a good cozy robe and any gal would appreciate this gift.
  11. A New Watch – A clean streamlined watch that can be worn with a multitude of outfits, yet still has some unique style to it is a great gift for any lady in your life.
  12. A Yoga Mat – A great gift for any lady in your life who loves yoga or barre….or who lost their mat recently…like me.

Top photo via Sugar Paper


Top photo via Sugar Paper

Plaid Love

Christmas outfit-17.jpg

Sweater | Plaid Skirt | Pom-Pom Heels | Similar Necklace | Similar Bracelet | Lipstick

Hi ya’ll, I hope your week is going well so far. Over the next month I’m going to be stepping up my blog game with more weekly posts so I can bring you the most holiday looks and gift guides possible between now and Christmas. If you have any requests for gift guides or looks, please leave them in the comments below.

Today’s holiday look is all about plaid. I have been loving it lately – well, basically this time every year haha. I always find I pull out my plaid skirts, which all happen to be from J.Crew, to take me from work to date night with J, or to special occasions like our family photos last year. What are your favourite pieces right now?

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Christmas outfit-1

Christmas outfit-15.jpg

Christmas outfit-9.jpg

Christmas outfit-2

Christmas outfit-31.jpg

Christmas outfit-27

Christmas outfit-19.jpg

Christmas outfit-30.jpg

Christmas outfit-22.jpg

Christmas outfit-34.jpg

Christmas outfit-33.jpg

Christmas outfit-23