Floral Tie Top

Spring outfit-5.jpg

Ten Sixty Sherman Tie Front Bell Sleeve Top (on sale for under $30!) | Ray-ban Aviators | White Jen7 Stretch Skinny Jeans | Women’s Top Handle Bamboo Bag (Cult Gaia dupe) | Bauble Bar earrings | Daniel Wellington watch | Freda Slide Sandal

Floral print, bell sleeves, AND a bow!? Get in my cart now! When I first spotted this top I knew it was a perfect match for my style. I am a true loved of all things floral and feminine and the extra details sold me. I love finding pieces like these that I can integrate into my current wardrobe to update my look for the next season. I can’t wait to pair this with some denim cutoffs and simple flat sandals for a casual weekend look. What have you found recently that you love?

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11 Ways to Wear a Scarf

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The spring trend I can’t get enough of, and is very budget friendly, is a square scarf/neckerchief  I love how the addition of a fun scarf can easily update a basic look. Below are some of my favourite ways to wear scarfs this spring.

Added to a braid: Simply adding a scarf to your braid whether at the end like I did here, or incorporated into your braid, it’s an easy way to update a simple braid.

Tied around a bun: If you have layers like me, you probably have little hair that stick out of your bun. Adding a scarf to the bun is a quick way to hide those fly away’s and fancy up any bad hair day.

Half-up, half down: I think this might be my favourite way to wear this tie in my hair!

Up and Around: If you wear clip in hair extensions, like I occasionally do, this is the perfect way to hide them 😉

On a bag: You can rest assured that I will be spicing up my summer bags with all the scarfs I can find!

Around a Pony: A more mature version of the cheerleader pony

A low bun: A softer version of the bun, and an easy way to hide those fly away’s

Loose neck-tie: perfect to spice up a simple tee

Fitted neck-tie: I love this look with a dress or blouse and long skirt combo

Babushka: This one’s for my Polish-Ukrainian grandmother, she always more her scarf like this.

A little lift: tying the scarf under my bun, or under a pony will help to keep it from slipping off and add some fun to your look

Floral Kimono

Pink Floral Kimono (similar here, here & here) | Forever 21 White CamisoleAmerican Eagle The Dream Jean | Brown Mule Sandals | Pink Bauble Earrings | Poppy & Peonies Midi Bag

This past weekend it FINALLY felt like spring! I thought I might cry tears of joy when I saw the forecast, and the real thing was even better. We walked around town for a few hours, stopping to get some fro-yo and a drink on the patio – it was everything I have been dreaming of for the past six months of snow.

One of my favourite pieces to wear this time of year is a simple kimono or light oversized cardigan, they’re the perfect topper for this time of year and quickly elevate a simple outfit.

The Skirt I Can’t Get Enough Of

Daniel Wellington-11.jpg

Zara Blush Faux Leather Skirt | J.Crew Button Down Blouse | White Keds | Ray-ban Aviators | Chloe Dupe Beige Cross-body Bag | Daniel Wellington Watch

Lately I can’t get enough of this skirt. I love what a classic piece this is and that it goes with just about everything!

Daniel Wellington-46

Daniel Wellington-20.jpg

Daniel Wellington-29.jpg

Daniel Wellington-43.jpg

Daniel Wellington-27.jpg

Daniel Wellington-9.jpg

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Ivanka Trump Embossed Bell-Sleeve Dress | Poppy & Peonies Darling Blush Bag | Sole Society Primrose Jewelled Pumps | Daniel Wellington Melrose Watch

At this age it feels like the wave of weddings and babies is at it’s peak. It’s such an exciting time in life to be able to celebrate these monumental occasions with our friends and families. With another year of a handful of weddings on our plate, I’m getting a jump on my wedding guest dress shopping. I stopped in at Hudson’s Bay this weekend during their Bay Days sale and picked up a couple dresses for these upcoming events. The first I picked out is this embossed blue bell-sleeve number. I love that it’s a slightly thicker fabric so I will be warm if it’s still cool later this spring, and that it makes it very flattering. I always love this soft blue colour on blondes, it’s just so flattering!

Below are my favourite wedding guest dresses under $150:

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Making the Best of The Cold

Gap Long Pink Jacket (similar) | ASOS Lace Detail Blouse | American Eagle The Dream Jean | Sam Edelman Nude Pumps | Amazon Bamboo Tote | Indigo Meadow Floral Neckercheif | Aldo Septile Sunglasses


I’ve started to feel like my blog and instagram have become a weather report lately. We have certainly had the most intense winter I’ve encountered in my time and this weekend’s ice and freezing rain storm certainly put a damper on my hopes of spring blooms popping up soon. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that all the little buds I saw earlier this week haven’t died.

With this ice and freezing rain keeping us under covers I decided to make the best of it and get my bags packed for some upcoming travels, along with cleaning our house and playing with and snuggling my puppies. I may have also binge watched a bunch of interesting shows on Netflix. What are your favourite Netflix shows to binge watch?

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Fancy Fridays


H&M Floral and Bird Print Blouse | J.Crew Navy No.2 Pencil Skirt | Sam Edelman Nude Pumps | French Connection Round Grey Purse (similar)

I just finished watching Mad Men this week and I have definitely noticed the show starting to influence my style. It always amazes me to see how perfectly coiffed the ladies in the show are. I know it’s television, but I am always saying to Josh how much I admire how put together those ladies are – I’m lucky if I leave myself enough time to put makeup on in the morning. Instead of upping my makeup game, I decided to class up my office outfit with a simple pencil skirt and some pumps.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Though I have always prided myself on having healthy locks, I made some significant hair whoopsies a couple years back that lead to multi toned locks that were uneven and broken. It’s been a long journey back to healthy hair, and I still have a ways to go before it’s as long as it once was, but I am happy to say I’ve made some great improvements since the day I realized my right side of my hair was three inches shorter than the left. Today, I’m going to share some of the things I’ve learned over the past year that have helped bring my hair back to life.

Get it cut! It may seem counter-intuitive, but getting your hair cut regularly actually helps with growing it out. Trimming off dead ends regularly keeps your hair looking healthy and prevents split ends.

Don’t wash it too often Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Washing your hair daily can dry out your scalp since shampoo washes away essential natural oils along with the dirt. If you’re someone who regularly styles their hair, washing it daily and heat styling it will lead to further damage. I aim to wash my hair and heat style it only twice a week, using braids or buns to fill the gaps. I am also a huge believer in dry shampoo – I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

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Use oils and conditioner I noticed a big difference in the health of my hair when I started using a leave in conditioner and Moroccan oil after every shampoo. I also use a heat protectant before any heat styling.

Two words: Tangle Teezer I received a Tangle Teezer in my stocking a couple years ago and it was such a game changer for my hair! With my fine hair I end up with a birds nest any time I walk outside and there’s a breeze. I cannot tell you how many times I would struggle brushing my hair with my old brushes, usually ripping out some strands along the way.

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Alcohol free hairspray I would have never though about hairspray having alcohol in it, or that it was killing my hair. I am aware that hairspray isn’t the healthiest thing for your hair, but I figured that my limited use of it wasn’t doing me much harm. One day while speaking to a hairstylist about my issues with breakage, she suggested finding an alcohol free hairspray, I made the switch and it helped! My favourite is Pantene Air Spray.

Invest in good hair ties have you ever slid a hair tie on your wrist to be tickled by all of the broken hairs wrapped around it? I know I have. Those broken hairs felt like a failure every time they unknowingly slid over my hand. Recently I was introduced to Invisibobble and have been loving that they don’t leave any creases or kinks in my hair!

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Overall Obsessed

Madewell Denim Overalls | Splendid White Striped Turtleneck | Rebecca Minkoff LOVE Crossbody Bag | 424 Fifth Bow Flats | Ray-ban Aviators

When I noticed overalls were on trend, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about them. As a child I had a few pairs and, though I wore them all the time, looking back I didn’t think they were all that flattering on me. After seeing so many photos on Instagram of ladies rocking their overalls, I decided to pull the trigger on a pair of my own. It took a little convincing from my bestie before I decided to give them a try with a few different outfits, and now I am hooked! I’m pretty sure I am going to be rocking these many more times.

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Classics With A Twist

Zara Pearl Detail Turtleneck | Zara Blush Faux Leather Skirt | Madewell Black Booties | SheIn Black Quilted Purse | Missguided Blush Fedora | Le Specs Caliente Sunglasses

While I love a good floral print, or vibrant outfit, the classics will always hold strong in my wardrobe. So when I find classic pieces with a fun twist I’m sold! I recently took a trip to Zara and fell in love with this skirt and turtleneck. I love the pearl detailing on the turtleneck and the blush tone of the skirt! They’re such perfect pieces that take me from the office to date night and into the weekend.